RC Product Bonanza List

RC Product Bonanza Donated Items

Image Name Description Donor Name
camf5j.png Soaring Circuits CAMf5j Five - count 'em 5 units donated by Randy Brust. Designed specifically for F5J class and approved by the FAI for international competition as a F5J Altimeter/Motor Run Timer (AMRT); the CAM F5J is the EASY to use F5J altimeter. No need to program anything, no need to connect it to a computer, the CAM F5J is a true plug and fly solution. The CAM F5J Features an easy to read LED display, 22 gauge through hole soldered cabling, an all up weight of 8 grams and a user manual. Well done. Randy Brust
DLG_and_ALES_Build.jpg Tailwind Gliders DVD #3 An Instructional video that shows a complete build of a DLG (eDLG) and an eSupra for ALES Competitions. Curtis Suter
Pod_Boom_DVD_Front_Cover.png Tailwind Gliders DVD #2 An Instructional video that makes it easy to Make your own Tailbooms and Create complete Pod and Boom sailplane Fuselages. Curtis Suter
Cut_and_Bag_DVD_Front_Cover.png Tailwind Gliders DVD #1 An Instructional DVD movie that shows in detail how to Cut and Vacuum Bag Foam Wings. Curtis Suter
Horizon-servo-set.png Spektrum servo set Designed for thin wings these digital servos are perfect for sailplanes. Horizon Hobby
Horizon-transmitter.png Spektrum transmitter The Spektrum™ iX12 radio is an intelligent 12-channel transmitter matched with a powerful combination of features and next-level connectivity. Horizon Hobby
Vixen2_250x200.png Vixen 2 from Soaring USA The new wing has been changed to a 4-servo design, but if you wish, there is an outer-tip servo bay in the wing for 6 servos. The wing has factory installed LDS, ready to drop in servos! In a very short time, you’ll be in the air, and you will realize what an amazing sailplane this is! It is a world class F5J model and a solid performer! Soaring USA
KST-wing-servo-set.png KST X10 wing servo set The X10 boasts much higher torque due to it's improved motor controller that's driving a coreless motor which is in turn is driving a minimal backlash, hardened steel, dual ball bearing gear train, all cased up in a 7075 aircraft aluminum, billet machined enclosure Aloft Hobbies
TaranisPlusWithEVACase.png Taranis Plus with EVA Case The revolutionary transmitter by FrSky brings unheard of power and features at a very affordable price! This package includes the Taranis Plus (mode 2) with the larger 2000mah battery and power adapter. No receiver. Aloft Hobbies
OpalF3RES2.png Opal F3RES kit Designed by Peter Goldsmith, the Opal is a fun 2 meter plane, easily adapted to electric launch. Tom Broeski
GliderStand.png Glider Stand Constructed of unfinished plywood, this stand keeps up to three models safely off the ground. Dmitrie Avramov
SupraTemplate2.png Aluminum Angle Template Keep this template handy in your field box for checking wing camber setups. Pete Schlitzkus


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